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Palmwag Concession and Grootberg Massif

Palmwag Concession is a 582 000-hectare nature reserve, idyllically located along a palm-lined tributary of the Uniab River. Situated halfway between Swakopmund and Etosha, its boundaries are, in the north, the northern bank of the Hoanib River, and in the west, the eastern boundary of the Skeleton Coast Park. The southern boundary is demarcated by the veterinary cordon fence, while the eastern boundary of the Concession Area stretches along the C43 road. It is the ideal base from which to see the sights of the Kunene region or embark on one of the many local hiking trails. This vast conservation area boasts spectacular scenery, consisting mainly of red sandstone rock and table mountains, inhabited by an abundance of wildlife. The reserve is notable for its unusual species of palm tree, the hyphaena pertesiana, and for being home to the largest free-roaming population of black rhinos in Africa. Animal lovers can also expect to spot some mountain zebra, Angolan giraffe, springbok, kudu, and African elephant. The surrounding area, especially east towards the Grootberg Massif, doesn't belong to the Concession but is nonetheless as stunning.


Tours visiting Palmwag Concession and Grootberg Massif

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