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Namib Desert: visit of Sossusvlei, Deadvlei and Sesriem Canyon

A day in the Namib Desert can be visited in different ways. However, most of the time, an early departure from the lodge, before sunrise, enables you to be by the Sesriem gate around sunrise, at its opening time. It is then a 65-kilometre drive on a tarred road, through the dunes corridor, to reach the 2x4 parking. On the way, you can stop at Dune 45, the most accessible of the dunes, and climb it before it gets too hot. While the 2x4 vehicles get to park at the 2x4 parking (and a 4x4 shuttle takes you through), the 4x4 vehicles can continue the last 5 kilometres in the deep sand, to reach the 4x4 parking. From there, it is about 1 kilometre by feet in the sand, before reaching Deadvlei. The most courageous travellers can attempt to climb Big Daddy (a good hour of climbing), one of the highest dunes (about 300 meters high), which top overlooks Deadvlei. A bit further via the sand track, is the Sossusvlei, another interesting pan but without the dead trees we can find at Deadvlei.

From there, it is then time to head back towards Sesriem. Lunch can be taken there, at one of the accommodation, before heading to the Sesriem Canyon. Thi canyon, dug through by the Tsaucahb River, is in the shade even in the middle of the day, thanks to its high walls, and the short walk to get to the bottom of the canyon and admire its walls is an interesting sight. 

After having discovered this interesting area, you have the opportunity, if you want, to enjoy an activity offered by the Sossusvlei Lodge (such as quad biking, a scenic helicopter or light aircraft flight...) before returning to your accommodation.

- Sossusvlei and the Namib Desert

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