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Visit a traditional Himba village

Visiting the Himba tribe in Namibia is one of the absolute highlights you can experience during your journey, learning about their rich traditions with the help of a local translator. The Himba are a semi-nomadic tribe and one of the most recognisable and traditional tribes in all of Africa, due to the fact that they cover their skin and hair with an ointment, called Otjize, to protect and moisturize them, made of ochre, butter and herbs, giving them an orange/red tint. 

Such a visit, however, warrant a bit of effort, as their traditional range is in the North-West of Namibia, in Kaokoland, from Opuwo to Epupa. 

However, some demonstration villages are more easily accessible and will depict the same way of life than you would witness in a traditional village. You can find such villages between Uis, Palmwag and Etosha.

- Palmwag Concession and Grootberg Massif

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