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Observe a shipwreck on the Namibian Skeleton Coast

When the cold waters of the Atlantic Benguela current collide with the hot, dry air of the Namib desert, a thick and dense fog arises. This resulted in the early explorers sometimes losing their bearings and running aground off the Namibian coast. This shipwreck graveyard, as well as the bones of numerous whale and other animals, gave it its name of Skeleton Coast. It is one of the most pristine coastlines in the world. The area is desolate, bleak and inhospitable, but also stunning and therefore a huge draw for photographers.

Some of the shipwrecks of the Skeleton Coast can be seen independently with a 4×4, whereas some require a guided tour in the dunes. Access to the far northern part of the coast (where most of the visible wrecks are; and also the wilder part of the Skeleton Coast), is restricted to the visitors either taking a fly-in tour or staying at one of the high-end lodges there.

- Skeleton Coast
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