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Etendeka Overnight Walking Trail

The Etendeka Overnight Walking Trail Experience, set in the foothills of the Grootberg Massif, is a unique new offering from the Etendeka Lodge Company and the Etendeka Community Trust. The experience promises to be an authentic and exhilarating engagement with nature. Trek through one of Namibia’s most remote and untouched landscapes on foot, have sundowners as you look out over never-ending vistas of ancient rock formations and sleep under a blanket of stars. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to connect with nature.

A unique guided journey into a remote conservation area filled with desert life:

Join some of Namibia’s most experienced and knowledgeable guides as they introduce you to the incredible life that lies largely hidden in this seemingly harsh but breathtaking landscape. With magnificent views of the ancient Etendeka basalt lava flows and flat top mountains, these rocky plains are home to an array of desert-adapted plants and animals. Our passionate guides know the area intimately and will share anecdotes and information about this geologically rich and diverse environment. Track through dry Mopani shaded river beds and past other-worldly rocky outcrops as our guides identify spoor, indigenous animal, bird and plant species. Exploring this terrain on foot is a heightened and invigorating meeting of man and nature.

Sleeping under open Namibian skies:

Namibia is one of the top destinations in the world for stargazing with its unusually dark night skies. On a cloudless night, you will be overwhelmed by the spectacular sight of the Milky Way stretching overhead. The two rustic overnight camps make the most of sleeping under the breathtaking starry sky.

The five sleeping platforms are raised off the ground to ensure that guests are safe and comfortable while having the unparalleled experience of falling asleep to the night sounds of the wilderness. Comfortable beds and ‘bed-rolls’ are your bed for the night, each containing a 100% cotton linen sheet, down duvets and pillow for your comfort. Each sleeping platform is equipped with a toilet and basin attached to the platform. The sleeping platforms have a shaded area for that well-deserved afternoon siesta but the shade folds away at night so that you can fall asleep to the beauty of the open skies. There are communal open-air bathrooms including the typical much loved Etendeka Bucket Shower situated between the platforms.

Camp One (River Camp) looks out over a water hole next to an established trail used by wildlife. Although the experience is not built around game viewing, the location allows for safe sightings of wildlife including Hartmann Mountain Zebra, Oryx and Steenbok and if you are extremely lucky, the rare desert-adapted Elephant and Black Rhino.

Camp Two (Hill Camp) lies over-hanging the cliffs on top of Crystal Mountain, named after the incredible show of crystal quartz and agate that sparkle against its ancient rocky outcrops.

Wholesome meals are cooked over, and enjoyed around, the open fire with your guide being your host and companion. 

This is simple comfort in a rugged and harsh landscape, with an emphasis on a highly personalised, ‘back to basics’ wilderness encounter. 

- Palmwag Concession and Grootberg Massif

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